It has been nearly 100 years. Behind the scenes, governments were building super-soldiers. They rebelled. Wars were fought, bombs were dropped, and the world was changed.

There was a border between worlds, the Veil as we call it, and it was shredded. Realms have bled together and there is a weakness in reality. Each time a bomb fell, it tore the fabric of space and time until all that was left was this one world, this Earth Prime. We can travel miles and never leave the familiar, or we can stumble through the tears and end somewhere new. Or somewhere old.

The war that came during the end times started at the time now called Day Zero. The details are lost, but nations fought and attacked, soldiers came from hiding and surgical strikes were enacted. Chaos reigned supreme. When the dust settled, the old world was gone. In its place rose a new reality. The secret hidden soldiers of the past were now the kings of the new.

There are still pockets out there that have not changed. Places were time has not moved on and the world has not aged. Fisk is one of these places.

Fisk has grown as a small community for the past fifty years. Central Wisconsin was largely untouched by the war, though what has happened outside the borders is still unknown. They farm, they repair, and the make do with what they have. Their world is limited to about fifty miles around them, and while there is communication with the outside, it is limited at best.

There are tales of the MFA. It is said to be a haven for the downtrodden and genetically impure. There are tales of upright animals that speak and think as we do. And there are tales of stranger things, things that should not exist at all.

We have seen maps of the old world and heard that the coasts have changed. There is a sea in what was once the middle of the continent. The Great Lakes have grown and warped. Rivers have moved and mountains have risen. Our maps are no longer of use.

On Day Zero, the sky fell. Since then, we have been struggling to rebuild. The world is new, and we must discover it. Welcome to the end of the world. Things got weird.


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